Have an Enjoyable Shopping Experience With Us

When you visit Jo’s Beauty Supply, you can look forward to a clean and organized environment where you can shop with added peace of mind. We make sure that all of our products are updated and safe for purchase. Our staff routinely goes through inventory to check each item before they’re ready for purchase.

Our Company History

With a dream to make a name for herself, Jo Patillo came to Florence, SC to take her chances. She worked various jobs for years before she decided to set up booths at local flea markets that offer an assortment od beauty supplies. Her husband, Don, was inspired by her drive and passion at pursuing her aspirations. That’s why in 1984, Don decided to purchase a small wig shop called Nancy’s Wig Village in downtown Florence to support his wife’s dream.

Since then, the couple has consistently worked together to expand their store throughout Florence. Their shop contained items from Kelly’s Beauty Supply, Jo’s Discount, and JoAnn’s Beauty Supply. The first Jo’s Beauty Supply branch opened in 1998 and was located inside Magnolia Mall of Florence.

In 2019, Jo passed after losing her battle with cancer. Despite her departure, her compassion for customers and desire to build lasting relationships with them are values that we still continue uphold every day at Jo’s Beauty Supply.

Mission Statement

Jo’s Beauty Supply strives to provide a positive shopping experience to each customer. Through clean and organized environment, as well as exceptional customer service, we’re creating an atmosphere that leaves our patrons satisfied and would encourage them to visit again.

Vision Statement

It is our dream to help our customers feel confident in their skin by providing them with supplies that accentuate their natural features. We form lasting relationships with every person that goes to us so we can offer them comfort, honesty, and support that help in their journey to expressing their inner beauty. Our store wishes to be a place that helps people look good and feel good about themselves.