$ 4.99

X-Pression® Lil Looks® creates long-lasting, kid-friendly crochet styles for your little cutie. Our crochet pieces are the perfect size – not too long or too full, and made with resilient fibers that maintain a neat look longer. Easy to install and comfortable to wear – X-Pression® Lil Looks® is the styling solution that makes everyone happy. Hair Material Premium Synthetic Fiber Available Colors 1,1b,2,2t1b/27,2t1b/30,4,Dragon Fruit,Macchiato To prevent frizzing while shampooing, apply and gently massage diluted shampoo to the scalp only. Allow the shampoo to run over the scalp but do not rub the shampoo through the crochet hair! To dry the crochet hair, gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub or roll the crochet hair into the towel. Satin scarves are your BFF! Wrap hair up at night to reduce friction that causes frizzing.

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