Outre Xpression Twisted Up Bonita Tempations Locks 20" 2x

$ 9.99


Twist it like you mean it. Whether you’re simple and sophisticated or a bohemian babe, twist it like you mean it.

Fluff Twisted Up™ for looser springs, keep the coils intact for a tighter polished style or play with the color options – it’s up to you how you Twisted Up™.

Material Premium Synthetic Fiber

Length 20"

Texture Yaki

Style Locs

Available Colors 1,1b,2,2t1b/27,2t1b/30,2t1b/425,4,Cappuccino,Espresso,Macchiato


• For a better finished look, brush out Twisted Up™ with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb until the curls become less defined and fluffy before installing.

• To prevent frizzing while shampooing, apply and gently massage diluted shampoo to your scalp only. Allow the shampoo to run through the length of your hair – do not rub your twists!

• To dry your twists, gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel – do not rub or roll the hair into a towel.

• Satin scarves are your BFF! Wrap your hair up at night to reduce friction that causes frizzing.

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