Perfect Hairline - Patrice

$ 59.99

LIFE ISN’T PERFECT, BUT YOUR HAIR CAN BE. Say goodbye to lace grid lines, and get the realest look with Faux Scalp. This Perfect Hairline 13”x4” HD Lace frontal wig features a skin-toned, soft lining for less visible lace, and a smooth base that is easy to tint and conceal. Achieve a hairline and scalp that is pure perfection with this unit that offers it all.
Hair Material
Synthetic Hair
Lace Type
13x4 Lace Frontal
Available Colors
1,1b,2,Cream Soda,Dr Chocolate Swirl,Dr Red Velvet,Dr2/Ginger Brown,Dr4/Creamy Mocha,Drff Cajun Spice,Drff Golden Amber
Follow these tips & tricks to ensure that your wig stays fresh and looks bomb.
1. Before washing, gently detangle using a wide tooth comb.
2. Let your wig sit for a few minutes in a bowl filled with water and capful of shampoo.
3. Rinse & apply conditioner in a downward motion. Wait a few minutes then rinse.
4. Pat dry & shake to refresh style.
5. Place on a wig stand to air dry.

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